Before using your canteen, wash it with hot water and soap. Rinse the entire canteen, along with your lid.


Please do not:

DO NOT put your canteen in the dishwasher. If your canteen is put in the dishwasher, the vacuum insulation may be affected and the powder coated paint may change color.

DO NOT put your canteen in the freezer. The double wall, vacuum insulation makes it so outside temperatures do not affect the inside temperatures of your liquid. This means liquid inside your canteen will not freeze in the freezer. The freezer temperatures also cause the 18/8 stainless steel of your bottle to expand or contract, meaning the vacuum insulation of your canteen may be affected.

DO NOT put your canteen on the stove. This will affect the outside temperature of your canteen ONLY. Heat will damage the powder coated paint on the outside of your canteen and may disfigure the shape of your canteen.

Do not use bleach or chlorine to clean your Xtreme Canteen. Chemicals such as these cause severe damage to stainless steel.


Use white distilled vinegar for cleaning. Vinegar is perfect for removing stains and other discolorations from the inside of your canteen. Since your canteen is made out of 18/8 stainless steel, it will not absorb any flavors from the contents inside of your bottle (this includes the vinegar you wash it with).

Use baking soda for cleaning. Baking soda is another great cleaning substitute for harsh cleaners. 

Use a bottle brush to clean your canteen. Since our Xtreme Canteens all sport wide mouths, you can use a bottle brush to clean them- making sure your canteen is XTREMELY clean!